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At ImagineUrHair Salon, our mission is to discover the healthy hair difference while giving you a luxurious experience. We use today’s cutting-edge technology to bring life back to your beautiful tresses while giving your scalp a clean base to grow and receive an adequate amount of nutrient and oxygen supply. 

Holistic Approach

Our salon studio utilizes health as a base by infusing herbs and raw organic ingredients to every service offered.

Advanced Technology

The world class technology that we use gets down to the "root" of your problem; ensuring fast results in a fraction of the time.

Our Products

Our products ensure your haircare journey continues at home with our 100% vegan formula. 

Featured Service


A 6 n 1 Therapeutic + Healing. Consist of oxygen therapy, laser light therapy,  pre-exfoliating treatment, butter blend silk press, basic trim and an intense hydrating treatment. This therapy service helps aid by helping help the hair and scalp grow with the support of infusing oxygen and nutrients while hydrating the scalp. The pre-exfoliating process gently exfoliates the epidermis from dead skin cells and impurities. The red light therapy helps Increase blood circulation & stimulation to follicles.

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Love this salon! I've been going to Osasere (Cynthia) since January 2019 and I'm so glad I found her! My nape has always been my problem area, but with her care I've seen a drastic change in my nape area and the overall health of my hair and scalp. She's extremely knowledgeable, relatable, and very personable. I would recommend her to anyone in search of someone that will not only make your hair look amazing but also nurture it and maintain it's health.


Osasere is simply amazing! I found her while looking for a bridal stylist however started going to her 6 months before. I haven’t had a trusted stylist in nearly ten years (since moving from my hometown) but I would trust Osasere to do anything she recommends! I was impressed with her after my first visit. She’s not just a hair stylist, but also a trichologist and she educates her clients on healthy hair, scalp issues and the importance of nutrition. She is absolutely wonderful. Bonus points because my hair was absolutely beautiful on my big day! I strongly recommend her for anyone, whether you are relaxed, natural, transitioning, wear wigs, sew ins, damaged hair, etc. She does it all!


When I go to Osasere my hair is incredibly healthy and I feel on point from day to day. When I don’t, I’m a train wreck. I feel truly blessed. I have a great doctor and an amazing coach, but I have a transformational stylist. Osasere is such an invaluable part of my health and wellness village. She cares about not only what makes me look good but what makes me feel whole. She listens to all of my needs — having to be on game at work, needing to exercise, juggling family — and she strategizes with me on a hair care regimen that works with my life. I also have two daughters, and every time the three of us are at the salon, she meticulously prescribes the right products for each of us, as we all have different hair textures.



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