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Wildcrafted, Organic & Raw

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Freshly Cleaned Before Powder Formed

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Certified Organic from Ireland

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Packaged in FDA Registered Facility

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Certified Organic

Our SeaMoss goes through a testing process. In this testing process, I Sea Moss is tested for purity and substance of heavy metals and contamination. They giving a Certificate of Analysis for harvesting waters,
sustainably hand harvested seaweeds, ensuring the regeneration of the plant . A stamp of approval IOFGA.

Coast of Ireland

Did you know that Sea Moss originated in Ireland? Why do you think they call it Irish Moss? In 1810, Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus) was used to treat respiratory problems due to its ability to dissolve mucus and decrease inflammation throughout the body. The word "carrageen" is an Irish english origin was introduced in 1830. It was important during the Great Hunger (1846-1851) as one the main source of nutrition. Til this day, it is still used by those resided near the coastline. In Ireland the sea moss is Harvested after the spring tide when the water is far from the shore. 

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People love us

The sea moss capsules give me so much energy. I feel a boost in my day when I take it!


Great customer service! great product! highly recommend.

Katlyn Moses - LA

The fact that is made in a FDA facility makes me feel so good taking the capsule!

Syeda Dixon - canada

Fast delivery and quality product! I am a customer for life!

Ira Daniel - LA

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