What is trichology?

Trichology is the science and study of hair (from the Greek ‘trikhos’ meaning hair). Clinical trichology is the identification process and treatment of diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp.

What does a consultation entail? 
During the consultation precess a trichologist will evaluate any health concerns, medication you are on, family medical history and your lifestyle such as diet and nutrition. You will not be able to shampoo your hairline week prior to a consultation. We will use a microscopic scope. In doing so, we can assess the condition of your skin, the density of your hair and view your hair follicles. Our findings help us guide you to a solution specific for you. 
What is the difference between a Hair dresser and a trichologist?
The only thing they have in common is hair. Hairdressing of course, is into cosmetic aspects of hair such as fashion and grooming whereas clinical trichology identifies; giving therapeutic services, based on medical and scientific knowledge. Not surprisingly though, some trichologists do come from a hairdressing background, but many do not.

Can trichologists treat alopecia?

“Alopecia" is an umbrella term for hair loss, of which there are many types and causes. Most types of hair loss can be treated but some cannot.

What problem does a trichologist see?

The most common problems are excessive hair loss, patches of baldness or hair loss, scaly scalp problems, itching and hair breakage.

What is the hair growth cycle?

It is normal to lose 75-100 individual hairs daily. With male pattern baldness, new hair growth is diminishing in taking the place of hairs that are shed. Hair is constantly growing in cycles. These cycles are as follows: ANAGEN - This is the growth cycle in which cells divide and elevate to the upper portion of the hair bulb, as dead cells. CATAGEN- During the catagen stage the hair is separated from it's nutritional source and hair growth stops. TELOGEN- During this cycle (which ranges in time from one to four months) the hair either falls out or is forced out by new growth.

What do you offer for clients with terminal hair loss?

We have a wide variety of cranial prosthetics. We at ImagineUrHair believes there is always hope and we take pride in helping every single client that enters our doors. We don’t believe in turning anyone away without exploring all options. Often insurance companies will cover a portion to all of your cranial prosthetic need. Ask us for an estimate.