• Design with premium hair & graft technology 
•Thin & durable base offers maximum comfort
• 100% Virgin Hair
• Help with insurance for wigs for cancer
• Private rooms available
• Styled by professional NYC hair designers

Our medical wigs for cancer and alopecia patients offers the freedom to go about your life with one less thing to worry about. Our caring stylists are ready to help you look and feel great! We understand looking like yourself is key to
improving confidence and health during a tough situation.
We help those with medical hair loss look & feel like themselves again!


A hair prosthesis (or cranial prosthesis) is a custom-made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Trichotillomania, Chemotherapy, or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss. The terminology is used when applying for medical insurance or tax deduction status.

Doctors have been prescribing these prostheses since the 1950s. Cranial prostheses also help to protect disease-weakened immune systems from the sun, and to regulate body temperature.

Cranial hair prostheses have advanced due to technology. A cranial hair prosthesis is different from a regular wig. Cranial hair prosthesis is done in several steps that include the measurement of the cranial perimeter mold to achieve a perfect fit. The mold is done at the base where the hair is attached. The base is made using a hypoallergenic fabric because people having chemotherapy are usually very sensitive to any material, and their scalp is prone to allergies. The same is done when applying the hair to the base. The technique used to attach the hair is focused on avoiding that the knotting touches the scalp. In doing so, we will create a mold of you and send in to the factory for a perfectly fitted unit! Out-of-State patients available upon request.


Under the care of a Licensed Cosmetologist/Certified Hair Loss Specialist
-Covered by many insurance companies!​
-Same natural-looking hairline as our Divine Units!
-Lasts up to 2 years and plus with proper maintenance!
-4-6 week hair system maintenance
-Can be dyed, shampooed/conditioned, straightened/curled and swimming is allowed!
-Comfortable around the ears (memory foam in selected units)!
-Perfect Fit/Mold Creation included for selected units!
-Non-Allergenic/No irritation!
-No Slippage!​

MD02 - Medical Unit

The top area was made by thin lace which is natural, soft and breathable. There is also a very thin layer of poly covering on the front with a scalloped front. This is invisible and gives a good shape to the front and ensures it will not roll up. The back is very thin and has soft elastic net with a very thin layer of anti-slip silicon on the back and sides. The elastic net make the wig fit the shape of the head better whereas the back anti-slip silicon sections make the wig stay more securely on the head. It is very easy to wear and put on or take off without the need for any tape or glue. Each material of this wig was made specifically to make the whole wig very thin, light and soft. The wearer even can feel it. The unit was designed for people suffering from cancer so it is comfortable to wear and will help restore the confidence of the wearer.

LL648 - Medical Unit

Polyurethane (PU)
Thin Skin - This is a material that is used in a specially designed cranial prosthesis. It has a very natural appearance and is extremely fine and thin. It produces an effect as if hair is naturally growing from the scalp. This is often used for bonding a wig onto the scalp with a specialized bonding glue that will hold it in place for six weeks before it will need to be taken off, cleaned and reattached with fresh glue.

Injected skin wig with anti-slip silicon no need glue or tape. The whole wig was made from lift injected skin all over. Lift injected is one of the most natural ventilation methods – there are no knots on the base. The roots of the hair are shorter than normal injected which means the hair has more lift and is more realistic than normal injected hair. The design of this wig is suitable for people who want a wig that is easy to wear and does not require much tape or glue. It is also a good choice as a medical wig.

PU223 - Medical Unit

This medical grade unit was design specifically for medical use. The rear elastic net, anti-slip silicon back and sides and the whole wig shape make the unit sit securely on the head without the need for any glue or tape. The very thin PU covering on the front and the lace top offered a very natural appearance in these areas. The whole unit design is very light making it invisible and natural. The back anti-slip silicon is deliberately longer than it needs to be. This allows you to cut it from the back, so it can fit different clients. This, therefore, makes this wig design a good option as a stock wig. 

NTW6 - Medical Unit

With our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, you feel it at the flip of a switch. It continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal. You can adjust your level of noise cancelling between three levels to better fit your environment.


The top area is made by silk top. Silk top is one of the most realistic ventilation methods and it creates a natural parting and crown. The material of the bottom layer of the silk top is specially designed for medical wigs so it is very soft. There is also a patch of anti-slip silicon on the under material to make the hold of the wig better. The rest is elastic net and together with the rear elastic band, the wig is adjustable and fits the head better. There is also a layer of very soft material on the temples and back for the comfort of the wearer. The front is 1/2” French lace all along to the temples edge. French lace is very thin and invisible which makes for a natural front hairline. The wig was special designed for the people suffering from cancer. All the material of the wig is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is also very easy to wear and take on and off and requires no tape or glue. The rear elastic net is not completely hand-tied. It is sewn on by machine-made weft

Follow these instructions to file an insurance claim for your medical hair prosthesis.

Follow these instructions to file an insurance claim for your medical hair prosthesis.

Step 1: Get Pre-Approved

Download a sample estimate or contact us for a custom estimate at info@imagineurhair.com. Then ask your insurance provider how much they will reimburse you for your medical hair prosthesis, and how long it will take to get reimbursed.

Step 2: Purchase a Wig

Schedule a free consultation at our salon. We will listen to your hair loss concerns, and answer all your questions. Each wig is styled by our talented and compassionate wig stylists. Our goal is help you look and feel like yourself again. Then when you are ready, you can purchase a wig. You don't have to leave your home or hospital.
Schedule consultation here!

Step 3: File a Claim

Download and send Claim Form #1500 to your insurance company 


Emilie Frank


Comfortable and breathable. I am extremely pleased with my unit! i cannot wait for my next order!

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Michelle Todd


Your unit completely changed my life! i suffer from Universal Totalis. A form of Alopecia that i was born with that makes your hair not grow! i got my confidence back and i am so happy to sat, this is my first quality unit i have bought so far. Thank you!!!!

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Maria Holmes


I have been searching for not only a unit, but also a stylist that will take the time to give me excellent customer service. ImagineUrHair Salon gave me just that! I am thankful for your time and diligence in answering all my questions and silencing my concerns. Thank you! 


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Depending on your insurance company, a portion if not all of your cranial prosthetic bill. Please follow the steps above to make sure you have filled your form correctly and we can get you into the best unit. This is a process so we recommend that take the time to plan accordingly. time frame to receive your unit is 30 days processing time. This is a custom unit specifically crafted  based on your measurement and mold we created. Give you the best customer satisfaction, ImagineUrHair is here to assist you in discovering the healthy hair difference!