About Me

Meet Osasere Cynthia!

ImagineUrHair Salon & Trichological Clinic was created by Osasere Cynthia Shomorin. I was a dream in her sleep turned a beautiful reality. Her care for her customers need is what drives her. One look and she can nurse hair back to health!

Osasere is a Sr. Hair Cultivist Practitioner, Master Cosmetology, Trichologist, Natural Hair Specialist and Hair Care Formulator. While possessing years of experience within her industry, her passion for knowledge led her to create treatments plans based on the customers need. She includes non invasive treatments in her practice.

Osasere is a mother of three beautiful children. All girls at that! Her children are her biggest motivation. She believes that in fulfilling her dreams, it will enable her children to be independent and knowledgeable to fulfill their own dreams as well. Creating a work/life balance is important for her. Her favorite hobbies are working out, reading hair care books and yoga!

Osasere believes in creating a paradigm shift in Cosmetology. Creating need where the industry is lacking is a major goal of hers. She also created ScalpediaLLC; A wireless digital microscope targeting students in currently enrolled in beauty schools. She understood that in order to create change she had to go to the birthplace of the industry which is the cosmetology programs. There is a need for many hairstylist to include the medical aspect of hair in their practice. Anyone can style but not everyone can identify and treat hair loss. She is determined to create change and leave her mark on this universe.

Osasere believes that it is possible to have health in every facet of your life. Hair care and skin care are often neglected, and she aims to help people regain health in that sector of their live!

"ImagineUrHair was the realization of dreams, passions, love and care.
   That is the goal that drives me to this day to strive for excellence!"

Osasere Cynthia Shomorin - CEO

ImagineUrHair Salon & Trichological Clinic